The Skeetape

With my new found remixing powers, Travis "also known as TLUV" and I decided it was time to take the dance world by storm with our line of mixtapes. We had recently heard the The Party Mixtape vol. 5 which blew our minds, with that in mind we created: The Skeetape. Dustin got in on this one as did rory, laying down various synths. This mix takes us towards mixing more recent hip hop with kind of club grooves. It marks the first appearance of Baile on our mixes w/ Tire a Camisa.

I like this mix alot, I mixed it while in Japan and would test songs on the kids who would party with us. A good time. :)

Download here

Track List

1. TLUV - "Shake it Fastest" (Original Mix)
2. The New Deal - "The Ray Parker Suite" w/ lil jon and the east side boyz - "throw it up" (acapella) [Jason Torres Remix]
3. Dennis Dj e MC Cabo - "Tire a Camisa" (Jason Torres Remix)
4. TLUV - "Keep It Crunk" (Original Mix)
5. Musique - "In The Bush" (Jason Torres Remix)
6. Daft Punk - "Face to Face" and "High Life" (Jason Torres Remix)
7. Big Pic - "Black Bon Jovi" w/ Lil Flip "Game Over" (acapella) [Jason Torres Remix)
8. Da Miing - "Bun Beat"
9. Stardust - "Music Sounds Better With You" w/ Beastie Boys "Intergalatic" (Jason Torres Remix)
10. T2 - "Heartbroken" (Jason Torres Remix)
11. LFO "Freak" w/ Yin Yang Twins "Get Low" (acapella) [Jason Torres Mix]
12. TLUV - "Let Me See 'Em" (Original Mix)
13. James Zabiela "Human After All" w/ Daft Punk "Human After All" (Jason Torres Remix)
14. Lil' Mama - "When We Get Loose" (Jason Torres Mix)
15. TLUV - "I Will Sample Whatever I Want" (Original Mix)
16. Telefon Tel Aviv - "John Thomas on the Inside Is Nothing but Foam" w/ J-Kwon "Tipsy" (acapella) [Jason Torres Remix]

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