Chrono Trigger

My brother Martin and I were huge video game fans when we were kids. Lots of RPGs, fighting games, PC FPSs, strategy games, you name it. But one of the games that stands out is of course:

Chrono Trigger.

I have always been a fan of the music, downloading the midis online as soon as they were available. Early on in my musical journey, I would drop the midis into garage band (my starting program) and re-arrange them with rad synths and huge drums. It really only sounded so cool, so I never did much with it other than jam it every now and then.

I even tried to arrange a Chrono Trigger album writing vision quest thing. Didn't quite work out. Not everyone like Chrono Trigger as much as I do.

Finally, last spring break, Martin and I had enough free time to actually work on some jams together. We took the midi stems from some Chrono Trigger songs we especially liked and dropped them into ableton. From there we chopped, warped, and arranged new tunes out of what we had. Lots of different methods are used. Some songs are just songs from the game filtered all crazy, others are re-arrangements with extra spices, some are totally new jams.

I'm really down with this stuff as it shows the culmination of what I have been working on and I finally get to release some quality Chrono Trigger inspired music.

Jason Torres feat. Martin Torres - "Chrono Trigger"

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