The Obamatape

So after I returned from Japan, I had finished the Skeetape and had a bunch of new music I found from Japan. I got heavy into baile and even some punjabi music. So now I needed to try and mix all these styles together. We wanted to promote Obama too, so The Obamatape came to be.

Not my favorite stuff I have done. Don't know why. I guess this was more an experiement in mixing different styles and full songs as opposed to the loop based way I had been working before. First song by my brother, Martin, on a mix too.

Download here

Track List

1. Boston - "Foreplay" w/ Barack Obama
2. Corona - "Rhythm of the Night" (Jason Torres Remix)
3. Earth, Wind and Fire - "Boogie Wonderland" (Jason Torres Remix)
4. Ami Suzuki - "Free Free"
5. King Amir - "Samir's Theme" w/ Mylo "Drop the Pressure" w/ TLUV (Jason Torres Remix)
6. Clever "It's No Black and White" w/ Daft Punk "Technologic" (acapella) [Martin Torres Remix]
7. Miami Horror - "Don't Be On With Her"
8. The Faint - "Glass Danse" w/ Kathy Brown "Turn Me Out" (acapella) [Jason Torres Remix]
9. Dennis DJ - "Jonathan II" (Jason Torres Remix)
10. M83 - "We Own The Sky" (Jason Torres Remix)
11. Perfume - "ポリリズム"
12. Cyber X feat Misono - "Eleven" (Cyber Trance Edit)
13. TLUV - "Look Who Still Ballin'"
14. Ricky Blaze - "How Mi Look"
15. Tigarah - "Freestyle"
16. TLUV - "Shake It" (Original Mix)
17. Supermerk2 - "Que Calor"
18. Cool Kids - "Black Mags"
19. Jazzy B - "Bach Bach De"

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  1. Sounds like Austin.

    Thanks for finally putting my name on the tag.