Fuck the Let's Mix Contest: Here is the Mix

I should have known this contest was going to be about spamming people to listen to your mix and I just can't go along with that. I'm a DJ not a Facebook junkie.

1Anja Schneider and Sebo KSide Leaps (Magda Remix)0:00:00
2DHSHouse of God (Phonique Remix)0:03:20
3Juno FernandezEverytime (Arthur Deep Remix)0:07:10
4Captain Rock w/ VoodeuxCosmic Glide w/ Just a Spoonful (Jason Torres Remix)0:09:44
5Unknown w/ Daft Punk and TrentemollerUnknown Baile Funk w/ Oh Yeah and Moan (Jason Torres Remix)0:14:12
6X-Press 2 feat. David ByrneLazy (Mowgli Goes Deep Mix)0:15:14
7Nic FanciulliGreen Tea (Original Mix)0:17:45
8Francis Preve and Wolfgang GartnerYin (Original Mix)0:20:46
9Visti and MeylandYes Maam (Trentemoller Remix)0:21:53
10GramophonedzieWhy Don't You (Original Mix)0:24:28
11Gil Scot Heron, Diplo, Mowgli and SOLO, and Marcus Meinhardt The Revolution Will Not Be Televised w/ Baile Funk 1, Orient Espress0, and Drive It Mad Max (Super Flu Remix) [Jason Torres Super Edit]0:28:36
12D.Ramirez, Mark Knight, UnderworldDownpipe (Original Dub Mix)0:34:56
13HoboThemz Just Namez (Original Mix)0:40:11
14Unknown w/ Red Carpet Boladona w/ Alright (Morningstar Remix) [Jason Torres Edit]0:42:00
15Justin MartinMy Angelic Demons (Original Mix)0:43:42
16Two Fisted TalesRushmore (Original Mix)0:49:13
17HIJackKeepin It Real (Oliver Remix)0:51:45
18Sweet MercyReach Out (Mobin's Vocal Mix)0:55:40
19Laidback Luke and Lee MortimerBlau! (Doorly Remix)1:00:55
20Format:BHot Rod (Original Mix)1:04:50
21London ElektricityJust One Second (Apex Remix)

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